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Artist in Residency at Rasquache

San Francisco Cuapan, Puebla, Mexico

June 2017

I went to San Francisco Cuapan with ideas that were transformed when arriving there.

I was stricken by the amount of trash disposed to the side of the nearest mountain. So I collected glass bottles, washed and used them for two workshops I taught to children at the middle school of the village. It was an amazing experience, they, for the first time ever, painted. They painted on the recycled bottles as a way to learn that sometimes what we believe is trash can be transformed into something that can be reused. We turned them into flower vases.

Photos: Lourdes Jimenez

Cacao Ceremony

I organized a cacao ceremony (with the support of the residency) for the other artists at the residency and for the people of the village who wanted to join us.

Cacao is a typical beverage of this area. It is prepared with yellow corn and sugar.

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