Ladies Sin Gentlemen

She fell into a dream, twenty years into the past, into the face that was not hers for so many years, into the face that vanished when death arrived. She woke up to a mix of unfamiliar faces resembling the one that was never there. Now she stands up twisted looking at herself, in her so many forms.

Above: Some of the Ladies Sin Gentlemen at the Inter-American Development Bank, Washington D.C. June 2018

Wounded Woman
A Woman From Another Time
This Is A Self-Portrait
La Newyorkina Red
La Newyorkina Blue
Gemebunda Amarilla
Gemebunda Blanca
Who Are You?
Sin Me
Lady Blue
Lady Viola
Lady Gialla
Lady Azul-Rosada
Lady Rosa
Vilma Azul
Wild Vilma
Vilma Escrita
Ella En Violeta

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