She remembered her dream and got pulled back into it, again and again. They come for the change. They come alone. They come in groups. They breathe and they yell. They live and they die. They survive. They clamor for their freedom. They are trapped. They are free. They walk but they do not know where to go, they do not know where they are going. They need to be. She needs to be. She needed to be.

2 Seconds

She left the confines of her home and ventured into the vast world. She walked a long time encountering a rain of human beings, whom she loved. But, as rain goes into the ground humans vanish into ashes, she never saw them again. And, once more, she was all alone.

The Meeting

These paintings were created as a way of communicating the feelings  and emotions of a brief encounter and interaction between two human beings. They present the meeting (Ciao and Elongated Fingers) and after the meeting (No Te Vayas and Escuché Poesía).

Beginning of 2016

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